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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Does An Artist Procrastinate ?

Yea, it's finished, O.K. it is only 47 days late. The painting was commissioned by one dear friend as a Christmas gift for another dear friend. It was complete enough to present on the 25th then rushed back to the studio to tweak. Where it sat , was looked at , anguished over, contemplated, studied, meditated, reflected, pondered, examined, thought about, and then worked on. Don't get me wrong I felt honored to be painting this work,and it's is my favorite subjects to paint. I loved every minute of the execution. So why did I procrastinate ? It is sheer heaven to play my music and pick up a brush , yet I continue to make excuses not to start. Too tired tonight, need to clean the house, should be working on design customers, and on and on. So I pondered this question. Was I afraid to start ? That is part of the issue, you are always apprehensive on how to approach a subject. Another part could be initiative, or discipline. How about it is just part of the creative process. Maybe I needed the time to figure out how to place the rug, or are all the areas finished. You never want to overwork a painting. Often your first brush stroke is the most expressive, many of paintings have been ruined by overworking. So I am going to go easy on myself this time and say the time line was a necessary part of the creative process, but I will remember not to procrastinate next time. Merry Christmas Mark.

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