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Monday, February 14, 2011

He is Gone

These are the pictures of my studio that I posted last March, saying I was going to redo my work place. Well even with the best of intentions it never got started. This big job came along, had to do another show house, too busy, now it's Christmas, and on and on and on. I say let the work begin!

One of my inspirations were white washed wood. I need to get rid of the Western Ya Hoo feel of the natural wood in my studio .
This is my dream space.
Do you think I will ever be this organized? I have a great antique work table I will use.

I am meeting Christine at Ikea on Wednesday afternoon to purchase a few items. I think this paper sorter will help with billing.
I have lots of magazines I can save in these.
The new desk will go in a corner, I think I like this one with a additional piece to the right. Do you think B.C. will mind sitting next to me to work? I am putting both of us in the corner.
I will need three of these to store catalogs and things.
Look you can put drawers in them, I need these too.
This baby is 6X6 and will house all my fabrics trim etc..
And I can buy these cute baskets to fit in the shelves. they will hold miscellaneous trims and swatches.

I like projects when B.C. is gone. Not that I don't enjoy his company or appreciate his help, it is just somethings are better executed alone. I think I must have a trigger in me that goes off when his plane hits the runway. Right before we were married and I was moving into his" bachelor "pad B.C. went on a business trip and gave me the keys to water his plants. In three days furniture was moved drapes changed, accessories bought in, walls painted shelves hung, and a total transformation took place. Could have been the first weekend D.I.Y. show. It was just easier that way. The fact that he just swallowed hard and said it looks nice when he got home made me love him even more. Then there was the foyer that I marbleized when he was on a business trip, or the guest room I painted Chile red, when he went fishing, or the perennial garden along the entire back of the house when he was out of town.Two years ago he went fishing and I painted our bath chocolate brown, he was O.K. with that but has not accepted the natural woodwork painted lined white. So this morning he had a 6 AM flight to the Florida Keys to fish for ONE WEEK...... It's the studio this time. I have been blogging about this since last March and I am finally going to get started. I really need a pretty functional place to work. Every thing needs to be sorted organized and uncluttered. I am embarrassed that I run a design studio that looks like this. So here I go, wish me luck as I am going to need it for the monumental task. Oh yea, If you are a customer I am saying I am out of town - just a little fib.

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