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Monday, November 8, 2010

"On The Way To Cape May"

The Mainstay Inn in Cape May N.J. I want to go and live there.

Our room, and everything was just perfect.
Check out the pier mirror in the foyer, it was at least 13" high.

I am not usually a fan of Victorian Decor but it was so pleasant staying here. I felt like I belonged here with the sun streaming in.
Dinner at my favorite restaurant Peter Shields Inn. I recommend the tapas followed by the lobster crab cake
That's B.C. in the corner reading the Sunday Paper, and without the phone ringing! Another cup of coffee please.

A peak at the Designers Show House

While we were "vacationing" we stopped in to the Cape May Designer Show house. It was closed but the owner let us take a peak. I was blown away by the work of Black and Poole from Philadelphia. To design a very Victorian home and update it without loosing respect to the architecture and period was accomplished by Black and Poole.

October 29 was our 33 anniversary, so B.C. and I celebrated this weekend with a trip to Cape May. All right it's only about 25 minuets from our house, but when you work from home just getting away from the phones can seem like the other side of the world. Sitting in the living room of the Mainstay Inn Bed and breakfast I began to unwind and relax. We met another couple from Pennsylvania who were celebrating their 3rd anniversary ( where does time go). Anyway, after a dinner at Peter Shields Inn, a bottle of champagne, and a weekend away, I am more loving , rested, and raring to go

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