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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Hallelujah Chorus@Macy's (John Wannamakers)

I just had to post this since I have a soft spot for the famous John Wanamaker's store in Philadelphia, now Macy's. When I started in the executive training program in 1973 B.C. was my boss, now he just thinks he is. I would have no part of dating him my career was more important. We can see how strong I was...... I had the privilege of working in this famous landmark for 10 years. I listened to the grand organ play reveille every morning and taps at closing. Fought the crowds at countless Christmas light shows and lunched most days in a special dining room off the Crystal Tea Room. It was and will always remain a very special part of my life. Seeing this video and the happiness it bought to so many made me go back in time to so many Christmas shows, and the man who was responsible for them John Wanamaker.

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