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Monday, November 1, 2010

Yard Sale Find Just in Time

The chairs are very close to one's from Ballard Designs thats perfect, now I can add to my collection . But at a slightly higher price.

Lots of stylish options out there

A month or so ago I saw a article on folding chairs. ( which for the life of me I can't find, thought it was House beautiful ? I'll find it when I finish this blog!) I need folding chairs I thought. Whenever I entertain I am running to the third floor or to the studio for extra chairs. Always when guest are sitting down, "Michele we are missing a chair ( or two) on this side". So off I run carrying back several chairs and out of breath when serving my first course. Not sure why I can't count but it always happens. If I had a few folding in the closet I could pardon myself and return unhurried to seat everyone. So Saturday morning Christine and I were die hards at probably the last yard sale of the season and there they were. Two for $25.00 I offered $20.00 - sold. They are so pretty I can't keep them in my closet.

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