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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Shack

B.C. is thinking What the &*#* did I do.

This is the reason we loved the property. Six acres on the water with a beach. It also has a small cottage on the property. Just right for play house or bunk house for grand children.....

The house, not so good.

But we started, we can do this.
Just a few roofs and a new entrance. Landscaping helps.

Tile in the new foyer.
Tile in the kitchen.

Check out old bath v/s new bath, and hardwood in the living area.

Last spring B.C. and I toyed with the idea of buying an investment property to renovate and flip. I know you are saying in this market you are crazy !!!! Well we don't always follow proper procedure so we did it . We bought the SHACK or that's our pet name for it. The six acres on the water with a beach was irresistible to us. The house built in 2001 was not irresistible. It was a ranch on top of a garage of cinder blocks with no entrance. The inside was so basic and cheap I wondered WHAT WERE WE DOING. So with a limited budget ( not my idea) we made this place so fantastic that I want to leave B.C. to live there. This house just has good vibes, it feels right. We are 99% there and ready to ( with regret) put it on the market. I promise to show pictures when it's all complete.

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