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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving cookies

Christine's masterpiece, but the initials are wrong it's Christine Mary Collins

Fire Works
A stop light or Italian flag ?
Pollock masterpiece
I was serious
WINNER, The incredible hulk turkey by Jason
This is @ turkey . com

I am sitting here almost in the dark thinking is Thanksgiving another cruel and unusual punishment given to women. I sometimes think of God up there saying to Peter, Let's see peter if we give them teenagers and menopause at the same time that should really throw them. But it doesn't, there isn't much than can throw us. We, are the holidays, we are the family traditions, and I would not trade that responsibility for all the sleep in the world. I must admit that after creating a fun pre Thanksgiving dinner of pizza, wings, dips, and chips ( remember I have been cooking dishes and desserts since about 7:30 AM ) B.C. says what else do you have to eat I'm still hungry. Well I was almost ready to throw in the towel, but I stopped, and listened to my sweet children continuing our family tradition of hand painting Turkey cookies. When they were little they were sooooo serious about creating beautiful masterpieces, now well I will leave the rest to your imagination. But their laughter and red assing around ( as my Dad would say) made me realize that my job has rewards and I'm doing a good job. So Happy Thanksgiving to all, and my last thought of the evening is WHERE IS MY MOMMY?

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