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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another Living Room To Love

This is Carla's living room just moving in. It is a beautiful Dutch colonial restored by Debbi of Remarkable Renovations. Debbi lived here prior and used this room as a reception area for clients. Now we needed to make it a "Living Room" suitable for entertaining, serving cocktails, meeting children's dates. A room for a family to use. Hmmmm, it was not very big, had large doorways on two walls, three windows, a fireplace off center, and a baby grand piano!!!!! Yes a challenge!!!!!

So we measured, planned, and decided to get as much seating as possible in this small space. The piano had to stay because it just worked for the children's lessons.
Blue mixed with tan was the colors of choice, it is just so Carla. Lots of texture-leather, sea grass, crewel, needlepoint, and of course a animal print, even if it was in blue.

Now we have a living room to love. Excuse the rug, there will be a sea grass one trimmed in navy.
The room can seat eight to ten ( if you are related).
We left out no detail.
The plaid fabric on the chair is a Ralph Lauren, animal print from Lee Jofa. and all the upholstered furniture Lee Industries (made in America).
I was scared to put a chintz from Clarence House on these chairs and mix it with leather, but oh!!!! the results, love it. Sometimes you just have to go out of the box.

Carla's furniture arrived last Friday. Driving there to see it I was dying a thousand deaths. I was certain I had put too much furniture in this odd shaped room, was sure the sofas would sit too close to the piano, what if the chairs were really uncomfortable? We designers may seem confident, make it look easy, but the truth is we live, walk,talk, and sleep your rooms. I always pretend I am walking through a room. How does it feel, can I talk comfortably to other guest, will the high traffic areas work for the family????? We have the experience, know how to put it on paper, how to choose just the right fabrics, when to mix styles, but until I see it I am SCARED. I walked in Carla's and wanted to scream it looked so good. Carla had it all arranged perfectly. Carla has wonderful decorating instincts, and a knack for display. She always knows just what her style is and we hit it on the head. Thanks Carla for being a great client, friend, and I love working with you.....

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