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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Is For The Birds

Painted River Studios
Bird Print Linens

Blue Bird Cake Stand
Parrot Lamp

Bird Houses to Dream About
Perfectly Grounded Birds
Ornithological Bird Art
French Seaside Birds
Bird Watercolor Art
Pretty Little Birds
Bird Cages
Sparrow Duvet

This time of year I just want to throw open the windows and let spring in. I love waking up to the sweet sounds of birds. Decorating with them helps a little also. Alright today it's raining, but it's warm and pretty soon we can be working in the garden. I don't think I could ever live where there are no seasons. I like the extreme - cold snowy winters make me appreciate mild springs. Sweltering summers have you craving the chill of fall. Whenever there is change it's like a new start. Next week I will change my boring winter clothes over to a lighter brighter wardrobe. I'll have a new look and an organized closet. It's the same with your house, roll up the heavy rugs in favor of sisal. Change out the dark pillows for a spot of color. Get rid of the dried flowers for a few live plants. Spring is almost here, go feather your nest.

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