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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Heads In The Sand

I missed telling you about another great new (well issue four) online magazine, RUE. I thoroughly enjoyed this new issue, with lots of decorating ideas, fun projects, and recipes. It is geared to the young, but remember Eighteen Till I Die.............

Don't miss British Designer Christina Strutt, I love her home. I am always drawn to the "undecorated" look England's homes have. The rooms seem like a very talented person gathered common items and created comfortable, easy to be in, special places. I want to curl up and read a book in each spot.
I need to nap, right now , here, with the sunlight streaming in.....
This is the stove I should be cooking on.
And I just put away my doll house cause I thought it looked junky.

Another fun house belongs to Blogger Bailey McCarthy, Peppermint Bliss
Loving the use of just a touch of raspberry color in this serene green bedroom.
I am always crazy for anything dog.

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  1. Nice. This is inspiring. Very creative & unique decorating ideas. Looking forward to seeing updates on your blog.


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