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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let me Introduce, Ta Da! Healthy-Addictions

I am a proud Mother and a lucky 57 year old women. My very accomplished (in the business world ) daughter has decided to do an about face and follow her passion. Christine has returned to school to learn everything she can to help us all have a healthy life. She is all about exercising, clean eating, and having fun ( sometimes a little too much). There will be no pressure here, just small changes in your life style that will make BIG differences in how you look, and feel. All ready I am including more fruits and vegetables in every meal, it's easy. Christine has taught me how to read labels for hidden "bad" ingredients and include excercise as an entry in my daily calender. I am sooooo excited to have my own personal life coach, right Christine? So if you liked her blog Highheels N Sneakers you will love the new blog Healthy-Addiction . Also watch for her website coming soon.

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