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Monday, March 14, 2011

I Want A Greenhouse

This is it..... I really want a greenhouse!!!! With a cold frame on the side.

Love the little back yard cottages but I'd be happy with just a greenhouse.

I may paint one of these real large. Oh! I could paint in my greenhouse.

I would even consider creating a shabby chic greenhouse out of old windows. Kind of charming.
But this would be better.
I would like real glass but on reading about them I could settle for Polycarponate sides. They are better as an insulator and much cheaper.
This would be best.

Friday Christine, Michael, and I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show. Jason and B.C. would have no part , they read the show right, but missed the Collins fun. It was a BIG disappointment. I can remember years ago being blown away by the displays, feeling like you were in a beautiful park. I would marvel at how they could create this wonderland. Michael described this years show the best "cheesy". There were not many displays, mostly retail booths, and you felt like you were in the convention center. I know that some worked very hard, and there were beautiful moments but just not enough to keep you mesmerized. We had fun though, every time I looked around one of my children were in line for a drink,(not soda) so it was looking better by the end. Still I always consider a show a success if I can come away with one idea, that is "I WANT A GREENHOUSE" . How cool would it be to rescue all my summer tender perennials ( My bedroom can only hold so many plants) to a greenhouse off the back of my garage. I can see myself on sunny winter days propagating begonias ,and tending my orchid collection. The spot I am thinking of has two maple trees to shield the house in summer and a south west exposure ,perfect for the winter sun. I would grow topiary, start seedlings, force bulbs and maybe even try my hand at a few citrus trees. I even found a site BCGREENHOUSES it's a sign!!!!

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