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Friday, June 24, 2011

Why Am I Healthier ?

B.C.'s cholesterol is down, I have lost 5 lbs., I am more energetic, and my mood is really improving ( we know how I have been the last month). Why? I have a new life coach that is teaching me how to choose foods that are good for me. How to read past all the ( false ) claims on food labels. How to just balance my life, and in the right direction. She is not pushy, She does not make me feel bad ( like this morning when she called and I was pulling into McDonald's) and she makes it easy . Who is this wonder woman, this goddess, this where have you been all my life person???? O.K. it's Christine my daughter and I am her first client on the start of a new wonderful business. Christine developed a interest in eating clean, and protecting the environment that turned into a passion to help others feel as good as she did. So I am proud ( and feeling good) to introduce a site to make us all stop and respect our bodies and good health. Please check out her web page and sign up for her newsletter, even follow her on Facebook ( designed and executed by Mike Collins , now I am double proud) ( he even designed her logo and did the photography: and they get along!!! ) I think I will be 18 till I die, and was that a smile I saw on B.C. this morning?

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