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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back to Monhegan Island

Just when I need a little push in the freeing of my creativity there is always a friend to help me along. Show me ways to just dive in, forget how you look, not to worry about the finished product, and have a little fun.
I am leaving for Monhegan Island tomorrow 5 A.M. A blissful two weeks to think of nothing but painting and enjoying my friends.
This tiny Island off the coast of Maine has a way of clearing your mind, helping you start fresh, and just makes me a better person.
I first discovered this quaint island, along with my sister through a painting workshop in 2008. Where we met four amazing women who live scattered across the States. We have a developed a special bond and return to this creative Mecca every year.
Its not extravagant or plush, but we have plenty of wine.
There are all kinds of interesting and different people living here.
Art gallery's hidden on every curve in the trails.
A painting in every view. We all try to complete two paintings a day, we are not slouches!
A talent show in the church so I can make a fool of myself. ( that is me)
And much much more to help bring you at peace with yourself. So I will try and bring you bits and pieces of this experience ( They say our house this year has WI-fi but I know we are lucky to have even a phone connection). But I bet when I come back I will be writing a blog daily, and just loving life. Oh yea a special thanks to B.C. for holding down the fort, love you!

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