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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Makings Of A Great Beach House

I am always nervous on installation day, maybe neurotic is a better description. I can't sleep the night before, I have crazy dreams about things not fitting, colors all wrong, customers hating me, and on and on and on...... Then the day comes and we start with the room above, and the rooms below
It wasn,t that they were not pretty, just that they did not look like the shingled classic beach house it should be.
The fireplace just has to go.
We paint, ceilings too.
We decorative paint ( not finished yet)
Present the customers with design boards. Plan ,plan , and more planning.

Re design the fireplace, ( Thank you David Ramsey Cabinetmakers)

Add ImagePlace the orders, wait, wait and wait, and the delivery truck comes. WILL IT FIT!!!!!!

And I am loving it, why was I scared, that's silly, it always works. It's in the planning???? The space is really coming together, we still need the rest of the window treatments, art for the walls, and a few straggling pieces of furniture that are back ordered. It is the perfect Beach house. My best compliment- my client said she wants to spend time there now, it finally feels like home.

O.K. yes, I painted the stone fireplace. Everyone thought I was crazy, and I have to admit I doubted it myself a few times. But doesn't it look great!!! It's the perfect backdrop for the blue leather chairs, and Eddy West artist finish table.

Everything is kid friendly in this house. It is a vacation home with lots of grandchildren running about. All the furniture is slip covered from Lee Industries in sunbrella indoor, outdoor fabrics. The carpets are also indoor, outdoor. So go ahead kids bring the peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the living room.
Missing are the cocktail tables, and end table
Can't wait till we are 100% finished and I can show you the final design. But we are getting there. And I was worried!

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