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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy Joyous New Year

I wish you JOY in your journey this year.  Finding this in all we do and are searching for will positively make the next 366 (it's leap year) days amazing.

    Interior Design has and will continue to be an important part of who I am.  But where is the missing piece?  Last New Years I set a goal of finally pursuing my dream of writing and illustrating a Children's Book.  This past year has been filled with classes, learning, practice, drawing, designing, conceptualizing. and just hard work.  What JOY I have found!  I can proudly say my goal is coming into realization.  Storyboard, copy, and preliminary drawings are completed.  I will spend 2016 illustrating the 32 pages and presenting my book to a publisher.  This process has given me such JOY and purpose this past year, while sparking my spirit in the art world.

    My Blog is back and will include my journey and struggle of learning a new Art form.


  1. Good lick with the book!

    1. That's quite a tough process of publishing a book, especially with illustrations. I've tried this path already, when I had to write a short stories collection. My publisher refused at the last moment, can you imagine?

    2. That's a pity, Vernon. I'm sure your publisher has made a huge mistake. Hope you will publish your writings. What is the name of the collection, by the way?

    3. Thank you for your kind note, Alison. The collection is called "Educational Tricks". It's about students who are likely to skip classes and write prompts.

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