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Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Check Point in my Life

Can you imagine two weeks in this ancient city in Provence with the one you love. Strolling through the markets, buying flowers for your table, picking up fresh bread and cheese for a rustic lunch. Sharing a bottle of local wine while you both talk about your dreams and feelings. I can, I can, I want this really bad......

This wonderful romantic apartment is where we could stay. I can feel the sun light streaming through the window as we dine on fresh vegetables and fish. I want to cook all our meals in a simple French farmhouse style.
Here is where I will curl up and read or paint. I think I will bring just my watercolors and several sketch books. I want to record every wonderful moment. This table is a painting in waiting. We will have a fire every night as it cools down.
Or maybe I will just day dream while staring out at an awesome view.

I know you are saying, here she goes again re-inventing her life. But we all need check points, it's a good thing. My points are of course: New years,with all the resolutions, and then there is fall, always a new start for me, and spring the new beginning. But last week was my birthday, OH, NO!a big re-invention, I started thinking about my life, and where I was going. FRANCE!!!! that's it, the light is incredible, and I can paint...... I am a big believer in listening to your thoughts and this is sure one of them. I have been infatuated, spellbound, bewitched with France for some time now, and wanting to visit. When I was on the trip home from Main we stopped in Wiscasset for lobster rolls and my friend discovered a shop Marston House just full of French Antiques. I was in love ! The biggest find was this incredible women, the owner of this fab. shop and bed and breakfast, who had apartments to rent in Provence. Could I go, was it possible. I asked B.C. and he said "I want to go to Alaska on the train", I sulked. Then we were at a bar, liking the people next to us, and they talked about there month each year in Provence, BINGO!!!!!! he was hooked. Next Day he said find out about those Apartments in Provence.
this was truly meant to be, listen to your thoughts, be quiet and just hear. I could not believe my good fortune, it might just become true. So the other day I am daydreaming out loud of going to the market in Apt and buying a crusty loaf of bread and cheese for lunch with a good bottle of wine. B.C. says "I hate cheese, and I don' t drink wine". (gotta love him) I said "listen I think we can find a great bottle of Coors Lite there". I am keeping my fingers crossed.......and promising to go to Alaska next year.

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