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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Test Your Marriage

Spend Saturday and Sunday in a 3' x 5' powder room with a ladder a toilet and your husband.

It all started out innocent enough, " Bill will you please help me wallpaper the powder room ?" " "Call Doug he'll do it for you" ( Doug is the best, most talented wallpaper hanger and works all our jobs). "Please we are having company tomorrow and I really want it done" ( I have had the paper for 6 years, so to wait another week would be insane). "Come on it will be easy it's such a small room". "What supplies do you need." YEA!!!! I never mentioned the paper was a delicate
European and not pre- pasted and the ceilings were 10 feet with beams to cut around.

When the first piece went up and the squirrels feet faced the ceiling I knew I was in trouble. "Call Doug I told you." N000000 please I need to have it done... by tomorrow.... So I went into good girl action and pretended to listen and do what ever told. B.C. do you need a drink, as I watched the paper sliding and ripping around the sink. B.C. can I run and get you any tool you need. Mind you hanging a sheet 10' long requires four arms and I was twisted under and between a ladder in 2' of space while hanging over a toilet. We never finished Saturday and got up at 6 on Sunday, but when the guest arrived at 2 pm it was just beautiful. I would marry him all over again.

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