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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Littlest Room In The House

My Osburne and Little Damask, squirrel wall paper: I love it as much as I did ?? years ago.
Over the years I have painted and re-done at least 9,000,000 powder rooms. I wish I could count how many times I have hung around toilets, trying to get my brush behind them. How many times I have taped around a sink. How many times I have been almost electrocuted trying to remove a sconce. Probably the best time was a very small powder room in Potomac Maryland where I marbleized the walls while the owner, and a floor lamp, kept me company, in this tiny room, the entire day. Another challenge was a narrow powder room painted orange and navy that the owner wanted a mural of a family vacation spot, with her husband in it. ( you will see the photos below). I have striped , ragged ,marbleized, created under-water aquariums, horse stables and what ever else my clients imagination can conjure up. They are not always my taste,but I have left some pretty happy customers behind. It is a small room, inexpensive to re-do and almost everyone will visit it when at your home. I like to think of them as a little jewel box.

Back in 2007 when I did the show house Wind in the Willows I purchased a squirrel damask wallpaper from Osbourne and Little, with enough left to paper my powder room. Now it's 2012 and finally I am getting to this "can" of a room. It is sooooo tiny you can barley turn around, but that doesn't mean it can't be pretty. The electrician came Saturday and removed the ugly vanity light ( I'm so embarrassed) from over the sink. Now I will have a pretty chandelier hanging ( to be selected) over the tiny corner sink.
Unfortunately I have wood ceilings and there is no choice but to have the track. But I will paint it to match the wood and so it will go away. I will skirt the sink in a pretty fabric, and have a pair of corner mirrors to hang above. Since B.C. has decided we are having the fishing club meeting at our house on Sunday I think I am pushing to have it done. Question is ; can I hang wall paper after Friday night cocktails at L's ?

The orange and blue challenge

This is one of my favorites. Walls painted in a linen finish in gold, and very bold flowers executed in artist oils. This one is a jewel box.

There wasn't much wall space in this Cape May Bath, so we extended the crown moulding and added a little Scandinavian flourish.

Often cabinets are dated but expensive to replace. Paint can really update them, making it a focal point of the room.


Ah, another fav, this time I used a chocolate metallic paint with gold leaves. This one really sparkled.

This one has such a nautical feel, but it is done in a french toile paper. Can't you just see this in a historic seaport home.
Paint your ceiling a dark accent color. It will make your room feel wider and the ceiling higher.
Think out of the box for a sink.
Clean lines always work

Look what can be accomplished in a very narrow space. The mosaic design on the floor really helps me want a powder room this narrow. I want to stroll in here.

Can't afford to tile a whole room? Run the tile just behind the sink.
Just love using a BOLD pattren in a small space.

Shine, shine, and more shine, can't have enough.

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