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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Day Quote

I did take a pretend snow day on Saturday, but I did not lay around and read as planned. I love to read but my mind only allows it after dinner, when all is cleaned up, and I have had a bath. Riding in a car is another permissible reading time, or any time when on vacation. I have a sister who can lay down in the middle of her Christmas decorations and read. I have also seen her stop and read two hours before she is having thirty people over for a party. Did we have the same parents? So I decided to paint a quote on my living room wall.
"Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahm is by far my favorite book and living on a beautiful river makes me feel a little like Ratty. ( I pretend my sister is Mole) So this is a very appropriate saying for my house.

" So - this - is - a - River "
" THE River " corrected the Rat.
" And you really live by the river ?
What a jolly life. "

It is a pretty simple process. I have a great book on lettering that I take to a printer and have blown up. I trace the letters on to tracing paper then on to the wall. I guess you could hand letter but being left handed my script is not great. Then an angled brush and a steady hand.

I have been loving all kinds of quotes to motivate me this year. I have an inspiration board in the studio, with sayings like:

Here's the truth: People who get what they want tend to be the ones who make the effort to know what they want.

" I believe you manifest what you want by who you think you are or what your wildest imagination can conceive. "

Who would not be motivated reading these each day?

I also have a blackboard sign in the kitchen where I write quotes for B.C.. I don't think he reads them but I did hear a snicker on this one.

Call me crazy, but I think it helps, maybe some day I'll find a quote that will let me lay down in the middle of cleaning my closet and flip through a magazine.


  1. Hi , glad to see you blogging again - we share that Quote Fancy - love it! What is that book with lettering, I cannot seem to do that on my own either! Jan

  2. Hand Lettering for Decorative artist, Jacjie O'Keefe, its one I have had for years. I had this quote on my wall since 2002 but changed my wall color last year. Took me this long to re-do it.


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