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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Organized Confusion

You are probably saying,"I think she has been off for the last month." "I think she is a bit crazy, no blog again for at least four weeks." I just was not in the mood, not lazy , but not writing a blog. Writing is not easy for me. Picking colors, painting , selecting furniture, is like a second skin, but that writing???? I think of Sister Teresa and the disappointment on her face during grammar class. I think of the report cards with "does not work to ability", ( they did destroy me) But here I am again, and I must admit it does fuel me. This blog: an accomplishment, that spurs me on with a life of it's own. A task that becomes an oxymoron. One that makes me feel like I am in the dark with computer knowledge, while making me smug with my skills. With my touch of ADD, OCD, HHY, GGR, or ??? I like to be the best I can at everything. Growing up with typewriters and adding machines definitely puts me at a disadvantage. HOW CAN I CATCH UP, or should I have to. Writing is a very important part of the creative process and I don't want to miss a beat. So tonight I start classes with my son to learn this almost impossible task, that I am absolutely unsure, but almost certain, I can use insane logic, to find, extra time, to write a more perfect blog.

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