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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Opening Day

Defining who we are is clearly up to us. I live each day challenging who I am what is it I want to pursue -- but in the end I have created my life. My house is on a beautiful river with a studio just steps away. Here is where I find myself living my passion, using my gifts, and fueling my energy. Here is where I make a living. In 1996 this was just a story in my diary "My Perfect Day". Piece by piece it became reality. WHY did I not start writing then or at least in 2001 when I moved here. That year I had a book in my head ( A Year or so in Corbin City ) it never hit paper. Too late now but lots of stories for later. So today I start with this blog. To share with you what an artist, mom, wife goes through or maybe its just someone with a spinning mind. Any way I feel good like this is a big accomplishment.

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