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Sunday, February 28, 2010

What style am I

I was painting a mural of Brambly Hedge Mice for Katelyn ( my niece's yet to be born baby girl ) and fell in love with the homes of Mr. & Mrs. Apple, The Toad flax Family, Mrs. Eyebright, and all the other charming mice from Brambly Hedge. Their homes had names such as Crabapple Cottage, and you can smell the delicious scents from the kitchen. There is always a fire glowing and a comfortable chair with ottoman. Soup is being ladled into bowls and thick homemade quilts cover each bed. They treasure and display all there possessions. I am sure Dusty Dogwood would never throw out his Mothers favorite yellow ware bowl. Poppy Eyebright just treasures her Father's leather chair. As in the traditional English style these rooms have evolved out of practicality, love, and many cherished things. They are certainly not from the throw away society. As an Interior Designer I was beginning to feel ashamed of my home. It was not Neoclassically Inspired or 19th century Italian from Restoration Hardware. My bed is not made up in Pearl embroidered bedding and I do not have a spa bath. But I do have my Mothers drum table in my living room, along with my Mother in Laws end tables. My sofa was the first piece of furniture we purchases as a married couple. The red glass lamp was purchased at a fire sale for 50 cents and I learned to refinish on that coffee table. There will always be piles of books in all my rooms and yes I have a lot of stuff. Stuff takes some puttering but that helps my home to reflect me. It's not perfect but I think Wilferd and Basil would feel right at home.

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  1. What Drum Table from Mom is in your Living Room?


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