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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Whole Brain Would Be Better

Cleaning my desk off I came across an article from Oprah magazine. Half a Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste by Martha Beck. ( How do we access our creative side of the brain ) 15 years ago I took a course based on Betty Edwards book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. This class had a profound effect on the way I painted. I found that music, scents, quiet,hot tea ( now its wine) would help to allow a shift in my consciousness. This increased my skill of drawing and painting. Turning on the creative side takes practice but the results are undeniable. This helps all creative thinking and problem solving not just art. Martha Beck gave a few simple exercises to wake up that mind. 1. Sign your name every which way. Right to left, left to right, upside down, backward, upside down backward. Repeat till its easy in all directions. ( just moving your hand backward fires the right brain hemisphere) 2. Take a pencil in your right hand (even if your left handed) and write the question: "How's it going?" Then switch to your left and write whatever pops up. Your non dominant hand's writing will be shaky that's okay. Notice that your twin hemispheres have different personalities. I found it worked better if I wrote a longer question and when I switched hands the answer was far from what I was thinking. Gotta go I think I'll ask my right brain if it feels like cooking dinner. I'm getting dressed now.

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