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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Restless, [ Not content when still ]

My sister called this morning. " I am feeling restless and you are the only one that can understand." I thought about it a minute and I did understand. It's not the kind of restless you feel while waiting in line or watching a bad movie. You just don't know what to do. Everything seems heavy to you. There is a lot to be done but you don't start. Sometimes I want to paint but the subject will not settle down. I can not make any decision. So I grab a handful of wheat thins, make another cup of tea and talk on the phone. The day is moving on and I feel really bad. I won't start this project because the other is more important. STOP Just do one thing anything, even if it's not important. A list helps and I always must write TO DO at the top then number each task. I might never look at this list again but the process of doing it calms me, organizes my mind. I think most people feel better when we are accomplishing things, maybe instead of vacations we should have fulfillment weeks. I think this would charge us up. Nothing worse than winding down and having to go back to work. So tomorrow lets all finish every thing on our list. I am going to rethink restless : meaning [ Not content when still ]That's a good thing.

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