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Sunday, December 12, 2010

OH ! OH ! Christmas Tree

Just not the trees for me.

So we followed the sign.

There she is my ugly duckling.

There are some things B.C. has learned to deal with in the past 33 years, one being the selection of our Christmas tree. I really am not that difficult, I like unusual shapes not the trimmed balls or "perfect" trees most desire. It works out well since usually we can bargain on the unwanted tree and B.C. hates to spend a fortune on something we own only for a few weeks. He still likes to complain that I waste too much time, this year he tried to go himself but I knew better.
We pulled into the first tree farm and I said "Bill we went here last year and there was nothing over 6 ft". No no that was a few years ago the trees will be bigger this year. "O.K. I said" . Well there was nothing on the front lot so we followed the Tall Trees sign. There is one I said, I love it. No no B.C. stated its at least 8 feet wide - are you crazy - we will never get that into the house. I laid sideways to prove it was less than my 5 ft. height but no go. Lets go next door and look said B.C.. "Remember last year you thought the owner had an attitude" I stated? No I think it will be fine." O. K. I said". There I spotted a blue spruce that had a very bare tall trunk. Visions of wrapping it in ribbon danced in my head. I want that one please. So off he went to see the man. Next we were leaving for the car with B.C. mumbling &*#!* something about an attitude. " O.K. I said". The next farm I remembered driving in and out last year but B.C. gave this a try too. Back in the car and traveling down Rt. 9 I spotted a sign Dominic's Treeses ( not a miss spelling) There it was a lot of overgrown trees, miss shaped, tall , funky and any tree $25.00. I saw B.C.'s eyes light up and a smile start to form and I found the unperfect tree of my dreams. So yes Virginia, there is a compromise.

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