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Friday, December 31, 2010

I have been in hiding

The dogs all got snuggies for Christmas, as usual Spike was excited.
Not so sure about the others.

Spikes favorite gift "The Cave" he just dove in.
Jason is into hunting this year, thank you B.C. now he is away every weekend.
Christine loves EVERYTHING Jason gives her.
Are black puffy coats in style?
The mess
and I am sickI am sure I can find one more present, just one more.

It's New Years Eve and I have been sick since before Christmas. I mean really sick and I have not even had a cold in the last 10 years. So I was not avoiding everyone just needed some rest. It was a great Christmas and we took a family vacation skiing for four days. O.K. it wasn't my year to ski but the kids had fun. Reading all my January magazines by a fire wasn't bad either. Next year I will hit the slopes. I think I may have pushed a little to hard before the holidays and picking up three new customers , and two commissioned paintings due pre holiday may have set me over the edge. So I started thinking about some new resolutions for 2011. Went back to my diaries from previous years and all my resolutions were the same year after year. Don't procrastinate, lose 10 lbs., use my time better, draw each day, stop sweating the small stuff, be a better person, blah, blah, blah, . Apparently I don't keep them or I would not need to repeat them each year. This year I am taking a different approach and I WILL stop being so hard on myself. I will include five fruits and vegetables in my diet daily, no diet just healthy eating. I WILL put everything I take out back in it's proper place. No more shoving things in the cabinet thinking I will go back and straighten it later. No more, I'm tired I will pick things up in the morning. This should make me a little more organized and my life a little easier. After all life should be easy not stressful, and I need to enjoy it more. So have a happy and fun filled New Year, and let your resolution read : Be kind to yourself.

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