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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Bought Yellow shoes.

Emerson made flower pins
I really want one and so does Christine.

I was sooooo excited when I saw these yellow shoes, just had to have them. They made me happy. I was looking forward to sunny days to wear them with jean shorts and a white tee. Maybe I would pair a Emerson Made red flower with them, if I was feeling funky. Then my sister made fun of them &#***&^. Was I crazy? Were they too young? After all they are just plastic..... What did I see in them? I'll tell you what I saw, I saw summer, and lazy carefree days, tan legs and shorts. Jumping up in the morning and throwing on flip flops and a sun dress. Grilling steaks for dinner and eating at 9 pm so as not to waste any daylight. Lazy boat rides down the river ( with a cocktail in hand) sitting on our porch having cocktails with our friends. The smell of sun tan lotion, sandy towels, and the cool ocean flowing over my head. They were more than just yellow shoes to me !!!! And I think I will get my sister a pair. Besides Jacob Lusk wore yellow shoes on American Idol last night.

If I were to paint my walls a bold summer color It would be: Benjamin Moore #312 crowne hill yellow it's a yellow with orange undertones. If you need to play it a bit safer go for #297 golden honey, it still will warm you up but has just a bit of gray in it so is easier on the eyes. Remember- if you feel like screaming when you first see your room painted "OMG it's so bright, so dark so intense" be easy on yourself. When you put back the furniture and wall art some of the color is absorbed and it is less intense. Just what you wanted.
I would love to drive a yellow car
Think of how boring this room would be without a touch of yellow
Or this room
Or this room

And on
And on
And on........

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  1. Yellow is always such a great colour in a room if you don't overdo it! I think these are all such marvellous ideas and I really like the chairs in that last photo.


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