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Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Back On Track !

We are off to the spring High Point N.C. furniture market. It was a successful, motivating time. Just what the doctor ordered for me. I needed a shot of inspiration to get me moving as I have been in some kind of funk for the last several week, I guess you have noticed NO BLOG for two weeks. Well I am full of trends, colors and lots of ideas just swirling in my head, so I'm back baby and ready to report.

My favorite thing at market: shin warming chairs in lamb from Lee. I want to do two of them flanking a large coffee table. Any takers?

I am loving print upholstered beds, getting a little sick of linen.

The Lee Industries showroom was great as usual, just full of inspiration. I always want to run home and redo my house.

Maybe it was this creature who jolted me back to reality. Either way I am ready to start reporting on all the newest trends starting tomorrow.

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