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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Furnish a House before Cocktails?

Last weekend was my single weekend without B.C.. Not that I don't miss him, but I always treasure a little down time by myself. So..... Friday night I am contemplating just how I would spend a whole day of freedom. Should I paint, shop, finish a project, lie on the sofa (probably not) then the phone rang. Hi, it's Debbi, (Debbie is the whirl-wind owner of Remarkable Renovations at the Jersey Shore) they buy, renovate,and save, beautiful historic houses and bring them up to date for modern living. Want to play with me on Saturday? Now I knew I was in trouble, Debbi never plays...... Play what I asked? Well I have this little cottage on Nassau Street in Margate and I think I need to stage it with some furniture. This meant furnishing a house in a day, something we are good at. "S_ _ _, I wanted to play by myself, this is my day to me, no, no, noooooo......... " OK what time, I said "after all she is my friend". So we met at 12:30 and finished by 5:00 just in time for cocktails. With a little arm twisting all of the furniture was delivered by 7PM that night, so by Sunday morning we had home not just a house. I do have to say that she is a crazy woman and we really did have fun. Is this the start of a new business , furnish your home before cocktails ?

This is the adorable cottage 107 North Nassau Street Margate N.J.

The living room looks so much bigger with furnishings. Don't you love the pale blue leather sectional. Perfect size and a steal.

We found pale blue rubbed Windsor chairs and a hand made farm table. Remember the challenge was, great price, and needs to be delivered tonight!!!! Not an easy task.

Pier 1 for accessories, and this to die for abacus chest.

Debbi always likes a little shine and glitz, we limited her this time to several gold balls.

Just look at what Debbi did on the rest of this renovation.
Details, details, details, where most builders cut and give you basics Debbi is adding trim and thinking of ways to set her homes apart.

Love the Master suit, and again check out the fun details.

Yes she is a Remarkable Woman and I sure am glad to be her friend


  1. There is somthing missing though...can't put my finger on it. Could it be the WINDOWS?

  2. It was just a home for resale, there was a lot missing. Sorry it took me so long to answer but I kind of forgot my blog. Just wondering if I should continue???? It is like another job.


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