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Monday, October 4, 2010

I Love My Daughter and Shopping

Let the day begin.
I love the cereal bowl.
Our first stop, I also picked up a few things for customers. B.C. can I charge lunch on the business charge?

But I thought animal prints were in ?
Trying to make her pretty.
Christine made me bag my shoes. But my feet were HOT!!!
We both craved these boots.
Thank God we did not see these right after lunch.
Christine's loot

My loot


We had such a unbelievable day. Starting with breakfast at the Cereal Bowl at 9:AM to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory till 11:PM. A full day of not rushing, seeing and trying on what ever you want. Some outfits were super successful while we doubled over in laughter at others. I think we were smart shoppers finding great bargain's, till the bottle of wine at lunch. Somehow then it seemed OK to buy whatever you wanted. (All right a few things are going back) The makeup counter is detrimental to both of us. When they make you up it always seems better than what you are using now, that is until your purchase is added up !!!!! My favorite store is Forever 21- The accessories are trendy and cheap. Just what you need to pull together a outfit. Earrings $3.70 a pair, sequence totes $10.00. multi chain necklace $10.00. At those prices you can afford to buy funky style for a season. My favorite moment of the day- when my button got caught in the chair after our manicures. We would struggle to get it lose ( with wet nails) and I would go to get up only to have it get wedged again. The whole place was snickering.

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  1. Best day ever!!!! I had sooo much fun. Ps. Totally forgot you bought a fur vest :)


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