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Monday, October 18, 2010

Missing in Action

A few things that happened last week to start my engine's again.....
Above the sunset that got me thinking.

A meeting with Brad Ford a New York Designer and blogger of Design Therapy who is also the King of social networking. Not only is he a great person but his work is fabulous and so in tune with nature. Brad is listed as one of the top 10 designers to watch. Yes !!!! he was an inspiration this week.
Finally, I hung my drapes this week.The hardware is knobs from Anthropology with extenders from Pate Meadows. I am pleased with the results, well worth the wait.
Fabric is from Lee Jofa Mulberry collection, it's linen and I have craved it for at least 6 years. Perfect for a river house.
Put out Fall decorations in my own house. Still need a few more books and berries or leaves in this one.
Loving the entrance.

This is my Angle of the Pumpkin Patch.

OK, so I never wrote a blog last week, but it was a really, busy, busy time. I was feeling very sorry for myself until----- I walked outside one evening and caught a beautiful sunset. It put me in my place, made me think how lucky I was. I had no right to complain that business was good. How many people are out of work and would love to be busy. My job is also my passion, not all people make money doing what they love. Right there it was a new start for me. I felt energized and ready to start fresh, take on the next project with enthusiasm, give my business a shot of adrenalin. I am also finding time ( its there if you look) for my own house and projects. I think this is important to a balanced feeling in life. When my house looks bad I resent making other houses pretty. Not a good work ethic. All work and no play makes Michele a very boring person.

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