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Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Clutter and No Frills

These photos are by a college student Kara Shurtliff. I think she has a promising career ahead.

Where is the toaster?

I saw these pictures on the blog Coco Cozy and now I want a clean look. I think you could think clearly in this house. Housekeeping would be a breeze, I bet you would spend more time with your family, more time to read or paint, do needlepoint or garden. I would want to make my bed each morning, there would never be crumbs on my counter or dirt on my floor. I would hang up my clothes not ball them on a chair, wet towels always folded and hung. One single perfect pumpkin is all I need to say fall and my Christmas tree would be natural and outside for all to enjoy. Problem: there could never be enough cabinets to keep all my STUFF.

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