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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before and After

What makes this complete? The navy towels, bath rug in coordinating colors, a stool in matching fabric, the touch of green on the sink. I really like the oversize mirror, and picture leaning on the back of the tank. I bet if we each spent a day in our homes rearranging our stuff- the bedroom mirror moves to the powder room, the bench at the foot of my bed works better in the mud room, the dog painting looks fun in the kids bath....... You get the idea. Then make a quick run to HomeGoods to fill in where necessary.

I was flipping through a few sights last night and came across House Beautiful's before and after shots. One bathroom stood out , it wasn't trendy,It wasn't big, there wasn't furniture in it just good design. I got to thinking (a dangerous thing) what made this room so fresh? The wall paper I remember from way back when, the color scheme of blue and white isn't new. I think it worked because it's complete. So many times I design a room and pull out before it's completely accessorized. There are always little things not complete. The right lamp, a perfect centerpiece, great guest towels, pretty soap dishes . Don't get me wrong, I hate matchy matchy, that's not what I mean. Just stand back and see whats missing. It could be as simple as fresh flowers on a table, or a pretty lamp to brighten a dark corner. So maybe we don't have to have the most updated color scheme, or trendiest fabric. Look at your rooms with a new eye and finish what you have.

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