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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Trip to Jefferson Island

A fine group

Backside of the club house.
Marc the morning after, we all felt like he looked.
Christine playing princess.
Hanging out under the trees, it was really hot this weekend.
Canoe trip around the Island. I think they sank the canoe's more than paddled.
Target practice, with clay pigons.
It's just relaxing here.
I promise never to chase another deer.
Front of the club house , about 10 feet off the Potomac river.
Always a great sunset.
Tommy- Mikes childhood friend, telling jokes.
Three boys and a girl.
We need to discuss living here all the time.
Every meal was a gourmet's delight.
And they even clean up !
I should have labeled this blog " 100 bottles of beer on the Island."
Us old folks.
Do we have to go ?

Whose car is Somer going in?
Packing up the boats.
Goodbye Island.

We spent the weekend on Jefferson Island in St. Mary's county Maryland. It is a private club on St. Catherine's Island . Founded in 1931 by Democratic Senators as a refuge from their hectic political lives. To us it is the perfect way to spend a great weekend with family old friends and new friends. We had a unbelievable time.

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  1. I love your post on Jefferson Island! We had such a blast -- you got some great pictures! I am even happy I was introducted to Scrapple, which probably contributed to my 5 lb. weekend weight gain :-)

    See you soon, mom!



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