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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Burnt Orange Season

The Tuckahoe river, I have this to look forward to. Kayaking is beautiful in the fall.

I even like to paint fall subjects. This painting ( oil on linen) will be available for sale as a giclee print on my web site next week.

This original oil will be for sale.
this original oil- one of three will be for sale.
Cute craft idea

This is what I mean by that fall feeling. The colors, textures, fire, I bet its a crisp day and they went pumpkin picking.
Guest over for cocktails, and a dinner of beef bourguignon. Wine anyone?

GOODBUY summer, I don't want to water another flower, weed another bed, sweat another drop, I am glad we are parting. Not that I didn't enjoy swims in the river, boat rides, cocktails on the porch it's just you are a little to hot for me. I am looking for more of a chill in the air, soup on the stove, candles in the evening kind of season. It may take a few weeks to end this relationship, but my mind is gearing up. Fall is my New Year, it is a time to clean my house organize my life, and start with a clean slate. I am one of the few weird people who love when it gets dark early. Nothing better than cooking a hearty meal with the candles on. My energy level goes up , I tackle more projects and just feel better. So bring on the fall, the decorations and all that goes with it.

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