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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Black and white

I love the color, I love the pillows, I love all the stuff ! Mitch you are confusing my mind - I think it's your house I want to live in.
But I do like the black trim.

Bonnie this kitchen is for you.

I am intrigued for the moment with white walls and black trim. It could be because I suggested it to a friend of Christine's this past weekend or maybe I just love the contrast. Not sure it would work in my house, not sure I could live with it on a snowy day in January. I really want contemporary and I am certainly drawn to it lately. Than I walk into my friend Mitch's house and I am traditional all over again. The colors, the way he accessorizes, down filled furniture, oriental rugs, stuff stuff stuff... We all know I am trying to re-do my living room and studio. Having a hard time making decisions, maybe I should hire a decorator!

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