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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Children are Trying to Kill Me.

We were kayaking in the preserves, lake after lake that should lead out to the
Egg Harbor river. We never found the opening thank God.

Notice- I am all by myself, they never waited.
Christine and Jason in the blueberries, and I am in the cherry.

Michael in the banana, B.C. is not with us he decided to go tuna fishing, smart!!

This little weird guy was on the road. Don't know what type of butterfly he is.

It was a great labor day weekend, with lots of fun to end the summer. This blog is late because it took a long time to drag myself to the studio. Sore is not descriptive enough to describe how I feel. Bike rides on Friday, spinning class 7am on Saturday, boating swimming on Sunday, and we finished with a really long kayak ride on Monday. What were they thinking? The best part is they never even turn around to see if Mom is OK dragging her own kayak through the shallows. I can hear them saying, she'll be fine, just takes her longer to catch up. Guess you just have to love them.

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