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Monday, September 13, 2010

Just Do It

This is my home on the Tuckahoe River

This is the mess I created in my living room this weekend.

The color is Greenfield Pumpkin from Benjamin Moore, My favorite.
Thought I would show you a few "before" pictures of my home. I am on a roll to redecorate. I am tired of doing for others and letting my dated place go.

The mud room, soon to be dressed in Amber walls.
My kitchen, Walls in 1060, ( I forget the name)

My doll house, notice I live alone here. Just a twin bed.
Spike, always practicing.
The living room.

Kids bath
Master bath on the 3rd floor.
Master bedroom

The studio

This is Painted River!

Saturday I was picking up my house and the head started spinning. Should I put out fall, no I have to clean the windows first, but I can't do that until I change the window boxes. I haven't purchased mums yet, but the flowers still look good. Should I wash all the glass accessories in the living room, no I should do on top of the cabinets first. Maybe I should re-hang and change my art work, no not until I paint !!!!! That was the key, nothing should be done until I paint. So I put everything in the center of the room and found Michael. As we were painting Michael said "you know I helped you paint this room before" the memory came flooding back it was September 11th 2001, yes 9/11 . We had just moved here from Rockville Maryland and were working on the house. Michael was a Jr. and in a new prep school. He asked if he could just stay home and help us that day, I said yes, B.C. said no. So he came to the new house to help. I was always glad he was with us on that tragic event. Here we were 9 years later to the day painting again. I started to get really mellow snif snif, thinking how fast time goes by. Now my son is a man. " Michael, 9 years from now maybe we'll paint this room again"? No comment.

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  1. Ok now my head is spinning after reading the thoughts spinning through your head! So will your house be 100% redecorated when I come to visit this weekend? .... I mean my apartment was completely painted/moved in/decorated in one day since I had a special guest (my future husband) coming to visit the following day... and we know everything had to be PERFECT!


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