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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back From Monhegan Island

I felt all of the above, and more while on Monhegan Island. It is a very spiritual place.
This is a gentleman we met by accident. He was so generous as to take us a tour of his home, which has been in his family since 1890. It was rich in history, with old books , antiques and collections from generations. It will always be a memory for me.
This is George's home. Have you ever seen windows with 20 over 20 panes? He was painstakingly crafting new replacements for the dormers when we met him.
This is George's view.
I had to kiss the fish , a custom in his yard.
We saw the sign.
And we ate.
The Monhegan light house-a favorite place to paint.
View behind the School House.
There is a one room school house, I think attendance is 5 students. They have a blog I am going to check out.
I have never been such a fool in my life, but we were a hit and now known as the Lobster Girls. A fellow artist painted us a prize of a puffin on wood with an inscription on the back. I will treasure it always.
This is Van Gull he visited us daily, and decided to use our paints one day !
Christmas Cove

Cathedral Woods, This is where Fairy's live.
Dotty deciding where to paint.
This is Fairy food. They have been nibbling.
Fairy houses

The Laura B our transportation to paradise. She was built in 1942 to transport soldiers in the Pacific during WW2. One of the few that was brought back to the States.
Good buy Monhegan

I'm back from one of the most inspiring, wonderful, motivating, rejuvenating, relaxing, carefree, trips of my life. ( need I say more ) Every wife, mother, career women- should take a week to just think of themselves . With my sister I met up with three fellow artist to paint on Monhegan Island ( ten miles off the coast of Maine) for a week. We were fairly disciplined as we painted in two locations each day. Wondered the Island in search of gallery's to inspire our work and just shared good conversation as only friends can. We were silly at times, ( you will see the pictures of Pat and me as "Lobster" Girls for the Island talent show) and serious when we critiqued our paintings to better our art. Even the 11 hour ride home with my sister was constructive as we discussed how we would better our lives in the coming year. We had wonderful meals, lots of wine went down and I think we were all refreshed. I truly believe we can only achieve success and fulfilment when we have fed our own souls .

A special thanks to Diana Nolan, Pat Nolan, Christine Collins Howell, and Mike Collins for holding down the blog. You all did a terrific job ( maybe better than me) to keep this sight flowing with interesting reads. I feel lucky to have you as friends.

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