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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

This is my dog Hurley; a Brittney Spaniel. I didn't like the original colors of the photo so the black and white was a good choice for the final photo.
This is our neighbor's dog Chloe who is normally called, "Dirty Girl." Any time she comes over to run around with Hurley she manages to get into some kind of mess, even on a dry day she'll find some mud.
I enjoy shooting most portraits around dusk just before the sun starts setting beyond the horizon. Our back yard lets a lot of light in and at this time of day the lighting is perfect and warm for portraits.
Another shot of Chloe whose recently learned to swim. She's "jumped" into the hobby and spends most of the hot and humid days by the pool.
Gunner is as obedient as a dog can be. A puppy Chocolate Lab, he is a thrill to shoot photos with as he's not running around chaotically around the yard. He's a master at the game of fetch.
Oliver is a young, energetic, Cavalier King Charles who can never make up his mind in the yard. As he's sprinting after the thrown tennis ball, his attention will randomly shift to the dragon fly floating by.
Tiger-Lily can't live without attention. Though an Australian Sheep Dog, Lily does not enjoy chasing animals or balls in the back yard, but yet would rather hang out on the porch with whoever can keep her company.
Though Chloe normally wreaks havoc while playing in the backyard, she has her days where she stays clean. I liked the black and white version of this image better than the original one in color.

My name is Pat Nolan, I'm a senior in highschool, and photography has always been something that I enjoy doing. Mrs. Collins asked me to do a blog entry involving my photography and all of the local dogs. I really enjoyed doing the entry and getting a chance to shoot a lot of different and fun dogs. You can check out my other photo work on my flickr or website at...

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