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Monday, July 12, 2010

Do You Like Summer ?

I like all these things, just not the heat.

Maybe if I pretended to be at camp and have B.C. clean the latrines.
I am guessing this cabin is in the mountains and a cool breeze is blowing in the door. My favorite style decorating is a bit rustic with the contrast of silk damask.
Cocktails at 5 here would make me happy.
That's Michael, he gets summer a little too much.
Gardening is a good result of the heat. I love to cook and being able to pick fresh herbs and vegetables is a good feel.
I bet their air is set at 70 in this house, looks cool.
I love the feel of a shower, after you come off the beach. Not exactly roughing it here but I could do it.
More of a beach look.
I am drawn to all cottages, this bed draws me in for a nap. Yes, even if it's light out !!!!!
Do you think he is waiting for a friend ?
The perfect beach get away, every woman needs one.
Summer dinners, I just hope it's at someones else's house.

I hate summer - well maybe that's a little strong. I am a cold weather kind of girl, felling much more energetic when the mercury dips below 50. When the heat rolls in my house feels dirty, I feel dirty, ( not that kind) I lose interest in puttering around my home,and I am completely on hold till fall. I look at what needs to be done and think ,why now, wait till September. Open a cabinet door and see the mess- don't straighten it now wait till the 9Th month. My kitchen cabinets are sticky,but I'll clean them in the fall., and on and on. Since we all know that I feed on accomplishments, summer can bring me down a bit. Maybe I am viewing it the wrong way. Is it O. K. to just ignore things and kick back ? I admit I am of a few that likes it dark early, so I can light the candles and curl up in front of the fire. When it is dark it's all right to relax, Yes ? Longer days mean more work for me, that is till now. I promise to postpone all chores and relax, and enjoy that second glass of wine. Swing on the porch in the daylight, and spend time with my family. There are lots of positive things I like about the warm weather, I JUST NEED TO SAVOR THEM.

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