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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Table Runners - DIY

I loved this picture of a table runner! It makes me want to have a Tapas party.

Cute runner from Pottery Barn

Another Fall inspired table. I have a party every year in October and make all different types of fall dishes and my friends bring the sides or desserts. The only restriction is it has to have a fall veggie or fruit like pumpkin or apple.

Love this holiday table

I like the runner going down the middle.

DIY part - It is so easy to make your own table runner. You don't have to be a seamstress or even have a sewing machine. I made this one in less than an hour using "steam a seam" for the hems.

Mark your hems with a ruler. I made my runner 20" wide and 90" long. I cut the fabric 23 inches wide for my hems

I turned the fabric up 1 1/2" and pressed with my iron.

You can buy Steam a Seam at Joann fabrics or even Walmart

I then took my 1 1/2" seam and tucked in 3/4", so I had a double 3/4" seam, and then I took the Steam a Seam tape and used my iron to bond the hem.

The finished project!

As you all know, Michelle is away this week on a much needed vacation with her painting friends. Michelle is famous for saying to me "You need to challenge yourself". The last set of banquet cushions I made for her client were "a challenge"! Did I say how much I dislike making cushions? I have gotten better at them because Michelle has had a run on cushions. Besides having a lot of work to get done in my workroom while she is away, she gave me another "challenge" in writing this blog. Like the shoemaker's son without any shoes, I am the last on the list to make anything for myself. I have had this beautiful fabric for about two years that I have wanted to make a runner with. Thank you Michelle for giving me another challenge with this blog. It was fun to make and search for pictures to post. For those of you who need a challenge or just want an easy and quick project to do, go out and get a couple of yards of fabric and do something for yourself today. I promise it will put a smile on your face and a sense of accomplishment! Have a great day - Diana

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