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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Banquett Seating

Here is the one we finished yesterday. Is this not the perfect spot to read a paper, play games or just gossip. Diana did a great job on the cushions.

The cute chair is from Lee Industries, we slip covered is in a washable cotton so we are carefree at the beach.

Part of the Ballard Design collection. They have different sizes, corner pieces, and pretty fabrics to choose from. Prices are $359 to $743
(Diana this is your next project) I can see this with a large farm table.

The above photo is a job we completed a few months ago. Sorry about the clipped photo but you can see we used a curved bench from Lee Industries to create a cozy nook feeling. Just right for sipping wine.

The photo below is the same look.

This looks like they gained new seating.
Our very mid century look. We had this banquette made from straight grained maple, with lots of pillows.
Not a banquette but we created a very cocktail friendly nook instead of another table. We used two chair and 1/2's Good for a light lunch with conversation.

Could it be that America is returning to family dinners. I really hope so! I was installing the cushions on a rather large banquette yesterday and realized I have completed several of these in the last few months. My seamstress ( who is a bit pushy, you will see, she is writing a guest blog next week) said "can't you find a cushion at Ballard Designs or someplace". She is definitely sick of making cushions. Banquettes are a great place for family's to gather. For eating, playing games, or just hanging out. They offer more comfort than a chair and have a cozier feeling. The new Victorian style home I was installing in yesterday had a bay window in the living area. It was dead space until the banquette was built. Now, I bet it is the most used space in the house. If you are not up for construction lots of furniture manufacturers are offering dinning benches. Ballard does have a series of pieces to build your own cozy corner. ( Maybe Diana I'll just go there next.)

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