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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Windsong on Wesley Part 6

What a beautiful room, and the idea to create an angled wall with fabric for the bed- pure genius. He hid a ugly attic access door in the process.

The Master Bath. This space was created where there was no bath. Great space planning.
I love how the afternoon light pours through.

More of Johns work. Maybe his talent for planning comes from marine design.

This is a universal design kitchen which John won a award for.
More great work. Again we see the custom design in his furniture creating great space.

A peak at commercial jobs.
I remember seeing this kitchen in New Jersey Design Magazine.

I have shown you my space now it's time to reveal other very talented designers in the show house. Coming to mind first is John Kelley of Philadelphia. I have known John since 2001 when I first became involved in the R.N.S. show house. John specialises in not only residential design but commercial and marine also. Jump over to his web sight and view all of his accomplishments. He has received many awards as well as been featured in many national magazines. B.C. and I feel honored to even be in the same house as John. This year he designed the Master Bedroom and Bath. It is a room of luxury, that still feels like you are at the beach. Look at his room and imagine coming off the beach tan and healthy. Up the stairs to this room with the light streaming through the shutters. You shower and rest a while , then put on a pretty sundress for cocktails. I WANT TO GO NOW !!! That's what Johns rooms do to you.

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