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Monday, January 31, 2011

Check Out Lee Industries

You may notice a new sponsor in the upper right corner. Click on it to discover the trendiest, best constructed, line of upholstered furniture around. PRS has been carrying this line for nine years and it is my favorite. Not only do they have a selection of fabrics to die for but you can use your own if you choose. You can customize pieces with nail heads, trims, skirts, piping, different pillows, whatever you desire. All for a moderate price. Besides chairs, sofas, and ottomans, you will find beds, screens, and even a cool line of outdoor furniture. Best of all they are a super company to work with. Even when I screw up they come to my rescue. A trait not often found in this industry. They are also earth friendly, a responsibility we all have to take a part in.

Love the look of solid linen headboards but love these floral even more. Lee are you starting a new trend ?
Check out the blue leather bench. Yes, they have a great collection of leather .
I am seeing the colors blue and green together quite often lately. Even I am using this combination in two different beach houses I am working on. New Trend ?

Don't forget to notice their slipcover line. Perfect for your family room or beach house.
So if no one wants to sit on that uncomfortable sofa any more, or your room just needs updating call us. We have all the fabrics in our studio, and it's what is in my house.

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