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Monday, January 24, 2011

Thinking of a Vegtable Garden

This is my new greenhouse, where I will be starting tomatoes, peppers, herbs,zucchini, and maybe my annual flowers.

This Lady's husband really loves her . He built her a chicken coop and got her baby chicks for Easter.

I don't think they look too bad to be in my bedroom.

This will be the result.

Yesterday my family room window exploded, I thought a bomb hit the house. This morning we had no hot water-pipes froze. B.C. hair dryer in hand went under the house( his favorite place ) and saved us. Yes it's really cold and the river is frozen, something I don't like, makes me feel like I'm in Siberia. But extremes are good ,makes you appreciate what comes next, SPRING. So I started thinking about my garden. I think I am going completely organic this year. Going to start from seed all my heirloom vegetables. I spent five minutes this morning ordering catalogs on line from Abundant Life Seeds, Harris Seeds, and Organic Seed, also their e mail hint letters. My bedroom is the perfect greenhouse to start seedlings. I once had a fifteen foot tree in there that we eventually had to chain saw apart ( could not get a bigger pot) to get it out of there. It has sky lights, two story's of windows, and faces south west. So move over B.C. the seedlings are coming.

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