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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Addiction

I admit I do have a problem, but it's a good one. I am addicted to " reference material". I even have a clever name, so I say B.C. I need more reference material ( not more magazines or books). Just sounds better don't you think? The post woman begs for a bigger mail box, I see her cramming in at the beginning of the month. Sometimes she has to bring the load to our door fighting our Jack Russell, who lets people in the yard but not out. I have files with saved "reference material" from the past 22 years. They are categorized by Bedrooms, baths, mudrooms, arrangements, shelving, living areas, etc. etc. . When I am stuck with a project or looking for ideas I start leafing through and WHAM problem solved. I think if disaster struck it would be my "reference material" I would grab, well maybe kids and pets first but it would be up there. It's not copying because every creative idea is jump started from another. You may spot a striped chair and think, that's a perfect look for the bathroom walls. Pillows on a sofa could turn into a color scheme for a bedroom. Oh yea, I need a dark floor for contrast. The information and learning tools are endless. They also make great visual aids when trying to explain a look to customers or finding the look your customer wants. Viewing other decorators and their work is also beneficial. It can make me braver in my decisions. Let me know it's O.K. to have nightstands at two different heights. Two new books I have, and strongly recommend are Mary McDonald Interiors ( a Christmas gift from B.C. that keeps giving) and Suzanne Kasler Inspired Interiors. Both designers are fun bold and full of creative sparking ideas. So start ripping and saving the ideas that appeal to you and next time you have a decorating dilemma - problem solved.

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