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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Living Room Is Getting Done

It is just the look I wanted, excuse the cord I am still working out details.

The drapes came out fantastic, fabric: Lee Jofa, knobs: Anthropology. They have a piping of a rusty red velvet. I picked out this fabric about 6 years ago and never stopped loving it. Perfect for a river house.
The Chesterfield sofa is from my favorite resource Lee Industries they will do all kinds of detailing, notice the natural color nail heads. The pillows are made from antique rugs, also from Lee.

Chairs in oatmeal linen with Chocolate top stitching and a band of chocolate around the base with spaced jumbo nail heads. The seats are down, so comfortable.

Shade a find at Pottery Barn for $27.00. I was not sure if it was too cutesy when I first saw it , but it works.
This very good inlaid wood table from Council furniture ( I had to have it years ago, begged if I remember) is getting a coat of turquoise paint. Don't tell B.C.
Just one of the pillow fabrics to go on the linen chairs.
Maybe this for more sofa pillows.
Or maybe this?????
Coffee table of choice, from Restoration Hardware. I am thinking of having our carpenter make a similar version. Must be really big 4feet by 6 feet. (remember I am serving Tapas)
Found this one from Somerset Bay, so maybe I will paint it.

Finally I am completing something for myself. My living room furniture is here!!!!! I have been trying to re-do this room for over a year. Start- get busy - push aside. Start- garden needs work - push aside. Start- holidays are here- push aside. You know how it goes, but I am seeing progress. I still need to complete the details like pillows, a new coffee table, and a few drop dead accessories. But it is a room that everyone is now using. It's comfortable ( I am trying to make time to curl up on my forever wanted CHESTERFIELD SOFA, I am in LOVE ) inviting, and when I get my new coffee table I am having a Tapas party. That will mean new little dishes, maybe cocktail napkins in washed linen, a new tray to serve the tapas on, stemless wine glasses( we don't want spills), lanterns for the table, possibly a lazy susan for the table center, coasters, and on and on and on. Good thing I am in the industry.


  1. Joseph Tenaglia / Joseph Design LLCJanuary 14, 2011 at 12:54 AM

    Always nice to see and experience your creativity!!!


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