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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Whites

When I think of decorating in white visions of summer, hot days, beach houses, feeling cool usually come to mind. I have to reprogram my thinking to include winter whites. It's a blank canvas and can feel really cozy. It is easy to decorate with color as it becomes a distraction and can hide a lot of flaws. When you use just white every choice , every accessories, every piece of furniture chosen is important. White can also tie a room together, mismatched furniture painted the same hue of white can harmonize the space. Some of my best whites, Benjamin Moore Linen White- it is a soft warm shade that is perfect for trim in any decor. Benjamin Moore White- is a clean white that reflects color around it. One of my favorite combinations for a master bedroom, Linen White matte finish on the walls, White high gloss on the trim and color White rain ( a very soft blue green ) on the ceiling. ( all right I used a little color, can't help it) So imagine sitting in your all white room watching the snow fall on a January day.

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